Instagram-Style Blur Effects in Photoshop

Do you want to add circular and linear blur effects that the little raindrop button on Instagram adds to your photos? {also known as a tilt-shift effect}

It's very simple to duplicate this effect in your high-quality photos in Photoshop!

1. Enter Quick Mask Mode

2 Select the Gradient Tool

3 At the top bar, select the type of gradient tool (circular, linear, etc.) - for this photo, I used the linear tool

4 Use your cursor to click on the focal point (I used the couple's faces) and hold as you draw a line directly to the top of the frame. When you release, a red area will appear - the red area will be the in-focus area. If this isn't how you want it, simply draw another line to get it how you want it! 

5 Exit Quick Mask Mode (you'll notice that the soon-to-be-blurry area will have dancing ants selected around it)

6 Filter --> Lens Blur

7 Select --> Deselect. Enjoy!

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