Address Number DIY

T and I have moved into a new rental that we adore {many more pictures to come}
However, we've been taking on a TON of DIY projects to make this place into our very first home together - we plan to stay here for a while! One of the things that was taking away from the curb appeal was the janky old address numbers. T found these cool metal ones at Home Depot for about $5 each. 

When we took off the old numbers there was bout 4 layers of old paint under there and we knew we couldn't just put our new numbers on top of them because it would be visible. We tossed around a couple different ideas and ended up deciding on staining some wood to match some of our other projects around the house and mounting the numbers on top of it. T then used some L-brackets to attach it to the door without having to screw directly into the front side of the wood plank {that means no screws showing!} 

We used just one light coat of Minwax Jacobean stain (it's pretty dark!). If you do your own, please share a link to your pic in the comments below- I'd love to see yours!
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