Marble Chip Flower Bed DIY: Under $30

Another DIY from our new apartment!
One of the major selling points for our new beach apartment was the large outdoor covered patio. We have big plans including a mounted flat-screen TV {stay tuned}. It has come a long way but the full before & after post is still to come. 
Today I just focused on one area that's been a little dark and uninviting: in the back corner we have a beautiful Bougainvillea tree but other than that, the flower bed that was built back there is pretty much useless because no sun shines on it. To brighten up that area, we decided on some white marble rocks!
See below for the deets...

What we used:
-White Marble Chips (Home Depot: $4.47 per bag we bought 4)
-Bark Nuggets (Home Depot: 3 bags for $10)
-Gardening gloves

Time: 15 minutes
{some heavy lifting involved}

Step 1: Use gloves and fill to the top of the planter with the bark nuggets (or you could use soil but this was cheaper and it smelled nice!). Use your hands to make sure it's a nice even layer.

Step 2: Pour the rocks over the wood nuggets in an even layer. Ta-da!

It was easy peasy. T also threw in a couple head sculptures but we will probably add some more little trinkets back there as we find them. It was cheap, easy and really brightened up that back corner. It kind of reminds me of Zen garden {you might even toss around the idea of sand instead of rocks or pebbles....?} What do you think? If you try it at home, I'd love to see your project! xox
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