2-hr Photobooth Giveaway

My giveaways have been going along beautifully - I'm meeting so many new people and get to share my talent with some really deserving clients! So I'm doing another one!
. . . . . . .

Photobooths are just flat out a great addition to any party because it ensures that you get a bunch of fun, high quality photos without forcing people to pose in awkward groups or taking the photos yourself when you just want to run around enjoying your party! Everyone loves to jump in and have a good time. So the winner of this particular giveaway gets 2-hours of a photobooth by Chloe Moore Photography!

We've got birthdays, graduation parties, wedding receptions and non-profit events all vying for the win!
Head on over to facebook page to vote for your favorite:

I'm still accepting new submissions (email me at chloe@chloemoorephotography.com) and the contest ends at midnight on Sunday June 3rd with the winner being announced on Monday June 4t.

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