Bryan Proposes to Heather: Malibu

Proposal planning by {The Heart Bandits}
Bryan and Heather live in Texas and came out to LA for a week to vacation in Malibu and go to Coachella (a couple after my own heart of course) but SURPRISE within two days she would be engaged and married to her man the very next day! Yup, you read that correctly. They were having dinner when Bryan stepped out to "use the restroom" but was actually down on the beach below the restaurant with an aisle of candles, lanterns, her favorite flowers and a guitarist playing their song when the waiter came over with a note instructing her to go down to the beach. I love her reaction! After we took some portraits, I told them to have fun at Coachella and left them to bask in their engagement glory but little did Heather know, Bryan had flown in their closest friends and family and planned a surprise wedding for the very next day!! Check out their wedding {here}
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