The Ballerina Bride

You guys. I love this shoot so much... Now that all of my close girl friends are getting married, we're having so much fun playing dress-up and doing inspiration shoots to really take advantage of this speccial time in their lives! When Meghan got engaged I knew her soft, delicate features and blonde hair fit the bill perfectly for a little ballerina inspired bridal shoot that I had been daydreaming about for a while. We decided that we would do it on our annual trip to Big Bear that we take with our group of friends and take advantage of the snow for a wintery feel. Meghan's styling (including the tulle skirt which we made ourselves) was a collective effort of the bride, Erika Carbajal and myself and the hair/make-up is the stunning work of Erika Carbajal. My job is so's really not fair. 

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