Book Covering DIY

Taylor built this awesome bookshelf for our little apartment and I love it! The wainscoating backing is so perfect for this beach house. Once we loaded our books on though, I was a little bugged by how mis-matchy our bright books looked and when your house is only about 500 square feet, mis-matchy feels cluttery VERY easily. So, I took on the long process of wrapping the books in brown craft paper and hand stamping the titles on the spines (just as I was about to finish them all, my loving father sent us a box full of awesome books, so this took me quite a while) 
See the DIY instructions below!

What you'll need:
-brown postal paper (I buy mine from the dollar store) - or you can use the inside of paper grocery bags!
-black ink
-letter stamps (these are from Michael's)

1. Just like you did in elementary school, you're going to measure about two inches around all sides of the book and cut the paper to that size.
If you're a visual learner, like me, check out this how-to video: covering a textbook
2. Use the book to make creases in the paper.
3. Remove the book, fold at all of the creases
4. Insert the front cover, then the back cover.
5. Stamp the title on the spine and voila!

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