Hippie Bridal Inspiration Shoot

The lovely Hayley Thayer of Free People was out here visiting LA and we threw together this little inspiration bridal shoot for all of you free-spirited little boho brides out there! I made the flower crown and small bouquet with succulents, garden roses and some wispy purple wheat things found locally here in Manhattan Beach. We also used a wheat bouquet wrapped with lace, twine and burlap as an alternate bouquet. For instructions on how to make this whimsical flower crown, read on...

Flower Crown:
Floral wires ($1 at the dollar store)
Green Sticky Floral tape ($1.50 at Michaels)
White Garden Roses (I used only 2 but pick a couple extra)
2 Different Kinds of Succulents
A Handful of Wispy Wheat

1. Collect your items! Make sure that you have at least 1.5-2 inches of sturdy stem on each of the flowers so that you can wrap it onto the crown. Assemble crown about 1-2 hours before use for freshness!
2. Measure out the wire to make your crown - I like to make them big enough that they sit down around the crown of the head instead of sitting on top because then it stays on without any pins! Wrap the entire crown with the green floral tape to make the headband sturdy.
3. Line up the stem of a flower with the wrapped headband start to wrap the green tape around both the stem and the crown pressing the sticky tape down. Layer each new flower on top of the wrapped stem to hide the wrapping as you work your way around in the same direction laying each flower over the last stem. I just did a side crown here but you can go all the way around the headband! Get creative! You can add in other elements like gold leaves or twine.
4. Refrigerate the crown until you're ready to use it! The succulents will keep well but roses and other delicate flowers will wilt much quicker.
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