Capsule: Photo Sharing App for Weddings!

Okay, it's time that I tell you about a pretty cool new thing for weddings: Capsule.

Photographers...we're sensitive. We tend to not love it when your bridesmaid jumps in front of our shot with her iphone. BUT in the long run, I do find a lot of value in the different perspectives that can be found in guest's photos. Guests see things that I might miss, they're snapping away shots of the cocktail service and details while you're back in the bridal suite being touched-up and they're snapping away party-dance shots in the wee hours of the morning when I've already gone home to collapse from exhaustion. But what's the solution to sharing these photos with the couple and the other guests? Capsule!

Weddings bring together many people who may not know each other and therefore may not be able to easily share the photos that they've taken. Capsule gives your guests a way to connect with all of these people through posting the photos to a specific gallery through the Capsule app that they can download or by using a specific hashtag on Instagram. 

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