Simon and Sandra: Proposal!

{Proposal Planning by The Heart Bandits}

Meet Simon and Sandra.
Simon brought Sandra to lunch at the beautiful Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills. 
I hid under an balcony dining table paparazzi style to grab photos of them having lunch. 
 Upstairs in the VIP wine cellar suite, the planners at The Heart Bandits set up the room complete with candles galore, flowers, wine, and a violinist!
Oops! Did she spot me??

After lunch and drinks, Simon excuses himself to go to the "bathroom" but really he went upstairs to hide out! Sandra is left to wait...

 ...and wait... until the waiter comes by to drop off a vintage key with a note attached telling her to go upstairs and open a box with the key!
Sandra goes up to the romantic room to find that her key opens a box filled with little love notes from Simon.

After a few moments, Simon enters the room and gets down on one knee professing his love to his best friend and asking her to marry him!


Congrats Simon and Sandra!

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