Dana and Brian: Pasadena, CA

These are the long overdue photos from Dana and Brian's 11.12.11 wedding in Pasadena, CA.

Dana and Brian met in college while working on the campus humor paper together and dated breifley but then, after falling out of touch for a couple years, serendipity or fate - or just plain good luck - took over and the two found themselves working at the same video game TV network and couldn't help rekindling their romance!

This techie couple told me that they wanted their wedding to be a "big party" that would be "nice and classy, but with room for people to cut loose and have a good time" and that vibe really shows through in the photos from the day! Dana and Brian and all of their friends and family were drama-free, happy-go-lucky party people who reveled in the love surrounding the day. The ceremony was held at Throop Unitarian Church in Pasadena and the reception was held at the gorgeous ballroom of the nearby Masonic Temple.

There were video games set up near the bar at the reception and fun wedding MadLibs scattered about on the tables. Dana handmade all of the origami flower arrangements at the reception and created a tissue paper puff-ball backdrop for our awesome photobooth! Check it out.

Thanks Dana and Brian for letting me be a part of your big day! Congratulations! 

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