Delicate DIY Bird's Nest Necklace

J'adore delicate gold jewelry (and j'adore ma mama) so I decided that I would make this for my mom's birthday! See the steps below by clicking "Read More"

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I snatched the idea from the inventive Sarah Ortega's post. Sarah used silver wiring and experimented with both 20 and 24 gauge wire for her cute little nests. I settled on 24 gauge gold wire and whimsical soft pink frosted pearl beads for the eggs. The proud mama bird has has four daughters so I thought it would be cute to use 4 of the smaller pearls to symbolize her four children.


1) Arrange the beads on the wire however you like. I love Sarah's kitschy use of different types of beads but for this I wanted it to be a little more delicate and simple.

2) Start wrapping the wire around the beads to create the nest

3) Wrap the wire around and through the beads to hold it all together.

4) String a chain necklace through one of the loops and ta-da!

This was so quick and easy to make that I made another one for myself with one of the larger pearls. It hangs so nicely (picture below is of me wearing it on my thin, long chain) - I love it! I'm thinking I may make 3 more for my sisters.

I also used some of the gold wire to make my mom's card:



  1. I also loved Sarah Ortega's bird's nest necklace and tried a few of my own! I even did a modified one with my young granddaughter - her little hands handled the softer wire quite well. They are darling, as are yours!

  2. This is so so so beautiful!

    I featured it on my blog as one of my xmas projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Looooove it on gold!


  3. Thank you Tracy! And MANY thanks to HKS for the feature! <3 Chloe

  4. These are so cute. i really want one, how do i get one.

  5. Love these! Where did you find the really thin gold chain to hang it from?

    1. Hi Abby! The chain is a nice one that I bought at Macy's (I think $50?) and I switch out different pendants on it


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