Cheap wine, great food

We put a little work into our new patio area making it a perfect spot for entertaining and celebrated by having a little dinner party. My industrious friends Meghan and Erika pulled together a delicious, colorful meal including a refreshingly different recipe for BBQ sandwich - Mango Rum Barbecue Pulled-Chicken Sandwiches on a whole wheat bun- corn on the cob topped with crumbled cheese, a fresh summer avocado salad, and couscous. As the conversation turned towards real-life ghost stories and reoccurring childhood nightmares, we dipped into our stash of $3 or $4 bottles of Pinot and Cabernet from Trader José's. Our new neighbor brought us some apples and I - being a little 50's housewife at heart - whipped up a lattice-top apple pie for desert (accompanied, of course, with vanilla ice cream).

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