Glitterfest: A Glittery Golden 25th Birthday Party

So, I turned 25...and it was LEGENDARY. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends, sisters and my love, Taylor to show me how much fun it is to reach my quarter-century!Many, many thanks to the lovely Alissa Noelle Photography for manning the photobooth! Check out her portfolio here:
For info on how I created the backdrop and marquee "25" numbers and backdrop, scroll to the end of the blog post. 

Oh and my sister made this amazing 3 layer spice cake with nutella filling (OMG) topped off with sparklers in the shape of "25" and once everyone sang Happy Birthday my crazy boyfriend popped out dressed as a fireman to strip in front of everyone (he basically lost a bet 2 years ago...)


The Gold Sequin backdrop:
5 yards of sequin fabric from the fabric district LA ($50) cut in two strips
Safety pins attached the sequin fabric to two white curtains hanging from the backdrop setup

"25" and "Chloe" Light-up marquis letters:
1. Sketch out the numbers on foam core posterboard, cut them out (an exacto knife is best)
2. Use a dime and a pencil to sketch out evenly spaced circles where the holes for the lights will come through (we had a string of lights with 25 bulbs so we put 10 holes on each number, you'll need one or two empty sockets in between letters). Cut out the holes.
3. Cut strips of flexible posterboard (about 5 or 6 inches wide) and use a ruler to draw a straight line down the middle of the strips
4. Using a glue gun or tape, apply the strips to the foamcore sides to make the letters 3D (use the line you drew to make sure it attaches evenly)
5. Spray paint the letters whatever color you want (2 or 3 layers is usually required to make sure all spots are covered)
6. Remove all of the bulbs from your string lights and screw them in from the other side of the foam core. I screwed them in with the string plugged in so that I could see the bulb light up and know that it was screwed in all the way.
7. Enjoy!
(I used this tutorial from Oh Happy Day and the pictures are super helpful!)
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