Portrait Session Giveaway

I wanted to work with people in LA that have fun and fascinating jobs, hobbies and skills so this giveaway will be a 3-hr lifestyle portrait session featuring one of these winners doing the things they love! We've got artists, yogis, bloggers and foodies all vying for the spot. Check it out and vote for your favorite by "liking" their photo on the page. 

ALSO - you can still nominate yourself or a friend to enter the contest by emailing me at chloe@chloemoorephotography.com and include the person's name, a photo or two, and a short description for the photo's caption. Voting will conclude at midnight on Sunday April 22, 2012 and the winner announced the next day)

 Jessica Hagy
Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger
"The Lady Freak" and formally "Jessica Daily"
Jessica has been a blogger for two years

 Laura Cunningham
Laura has had a love for art since she was a little girl. She has earned awards for her paintings, as well as an art scholarship and BFA from Arizona State University.

Nick Cowgill, Brad Couey and Sean Lyon
Beer Brewers
It started as a little hobby in the garage - something to do on Sundays - now these guys are in the process of launching their own brewing company:  Three Toe Brewing.

Megan Madeaux 
 Megan is the Director of The Green Yogi yoga studio in Manhattan Beach.
You can check out her new blog at www.shopeatyoga.com

Chelsea Moore
Chelsea is a painter working mostly with oils but likes to incorporate other unique elements like gold leaf into her work as well. Just like her sister (me!), she prefers to feature people in her work over still life and will draw or paint on anything - including bodies.

Heather and Josh Clark
Foodies/Food Bloggers
This adorable newlywed couple loves cooking, entertaining and visiting restaurants together around LA. They document their adventures on their gorgeous blog Bourbon and Bleu.

Jaclyn Jimenez
Jaclyn first started painting a little over a year ago as a de-stresser. She loves to create home accent pieces that evoke feeling and she often works with text. All of her pieces are one of a kind and a labor of love.

 Alyssa Rosales
Always creating, and always with a project list full of ideas, Alyssa creates cakes, paintings, hair pieces, jewelry, and the occasional costume. Her website: Clever Little Cat

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