Free Christmas Card Templates!

'Tis the season of giving! So I made some free templates for your holiday card! Plus, ten easy steps for making them your own.

This is the Zanotti family whose Christmas photos I took a few weeks ago - I loved these photos so I decided to input them into some of the templates so that you could see how the templates look with photos and text in them. For the blank templates and directions, read on!

(art from It's My Cake)

These are great if you're going to send out a card via email (which I don't really condone - sending and receiving letters is SO much better than email!) or if you're planning to print them at home or at your local drugstore. The vintage style ones would look great printed on card stock.

(Adventure Time art by beautyy123)
You do need Photoshop or a similar program to insert your photo and any text you might want into the template. Below are the steps you would need to follow to insert your photo using Photoshop, it's really quite easy. However, I know not everyone has Photoshop so if you're stuck - email me your family photo and let me know which template you like and I will put it in for you and email it back. That's right! I'm really in a giving mood!

1. Click on the template above that you like, and drag it to your desktop or save it somewhere.

2. Open the template in Photoshop (it will be a flattened jpg file) and open your family photo also.

3. Using the Magic Wand tool select the white area where the photo will be placed.

4. Menu --> Select --> Inverse (so that the entire card EXCEPT for the white part is selected)

5. Layer --> New --> Layer Via Copy. Now your Layers toolbar should look like this:

6. Drag your family photo into the template file: It may be too big for the template file, but that's ok you can resize it in step 8.

7. Reorder your layers so that the family photo is in the middle (underneath the layer you created in step 5)

8. If your photo needs to be resized, Edit --> Free Transform (or just ⌘T for Mac) and hold down the Shift key while you resize and reposition your layer. Press Enter once you've got it where you want it.

9. Now save your work! You can save it as a PSD if you want to preserve the separate layers and maybe try out some other photos or you can save it as jpg if you're done and are ready to send it to a printer.

10. You're done! Kick back with a gingerbread latte and marvel at how easy and free that was!

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